sheka D. Sc. in Theoretical Physics, Professor, 1969.

Personal page:

In 1991 Dr.Sheka graduated from the Radiophysics Faculty of Kiev State University. Dr.Sheka is working on the Chair of Mathematics and Theoretical Radiophysics at National Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev from 1994 to the present time (in 1994-2000 as Assistant Professor, in 2000-2012 as Associate Professor, since 2013 as Professor).

The PhD thesis Vortices in Two-Dimensional Easy-Plane Magnets. Dynamics, Relaxation, and Contribution to the Magnet Response Functions has been defended in 1996 under the supervision of Prof. Ivanov B.A.).

Teaching background

Dr. Sheka teaches Electrodynamics (72 hours, general lecture course), Mathematical Physics (72 hours, general lecture course), and carried out seminars on Classical Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Physics, and Mathematical Physics.

Scientific research fields – nonlinear phenomena in nanomagnetism, dynamics of magnetic vortices, skyrmions, Bloch points, topological and curvature effects in nanomagnets.

The main scientific achievements:

  • The standard relation between the field momentum and the force is generalized for the system with a field singularity;
  • The quantum-mechanical Levinson Theorem is generalized for the Aharonov-Bohm scattering;
  • The vortex phenomenology for the Kosterlitz-Thouless topological phase transition was extended different types of magnets in external magnetic fields;
  • Exact analytical solution of the soliton-magnon scattering was found for the isotropic 2D magnets;
  • Truly local magnon modes were predicted for the 2D skyrmion in ferromagnets; the resonance mechanism of the skyrmion dynamics was proposed;
  • The soliton phenomenology was generalized for the 2D case;
  • Controlled vortex dynamics was predicted by applying AC magnetic fields;
  • The new intermediate vortex magnon state is predicted for magnetic nanorings;
  • Different methods of fast switching the vortex chirality in a magnetic nanodisk by applying a field pulse are proposed;
  • A magnetic vortex switching by spin-polarized currents is predicted;
  • Chaotic regime of the magnetic vortex polarity switching is predicted;
  • Magnetic vortex-antivortex crystals generated by spin-polarized current are predicted;
  • A fully 3D approach to treat magnetic energy of a ferromagnet for arbitrary curved wires and shells;
  • A new (geometrical) mechanism of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction is developed.

Prof. Sheka has more than 100 publications: 75 papers in referred scientific journals, 6 pedagogical publications.

Activity as a Referee: Nature Phys., Phys.Rev.Lett., Phys.Lett.A, Phys.Rev.B, Phys.Rev.E, J.Phys.A, J.Appl.Phys, New J. Phys., Ukr.J.Phys, Low Temp. Phys.

Dr. Sheka was awarded the A.S. Davydov prize of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 2005 for a series of works Vortex dynamics of magnets (shared with B.A.Ivanov and A.S.Kovalev).