Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Corr. member of NAS of Ukraine, 1948

In 1972 Prof. Ivanov graduated from the Maxim Gorkiy State University in Kharkov, the Faculty of Physics and Technology. After being granted by PhD degree in 1974 B.A. Ivanov had been working in the Institute of Low Temperature Physics in Kharkov in the capacity of the Research Fellow (1974-1978) and the Senior Research Fellow (1978-1983). Upon moving to Kiev Prof. Ivanov took up a post of the Head of the Laboratory (1983-1992) and subsequently the Leading Research Fellow (1992-1995) at the Institute for Magnetism of National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine, Kiev. Since 1995 and up to date Prof. Ivanov has been working in the Institute for Magnetism of NAS and the Ministry of Education of Ukraine as the Chief Research Fellow.

The PhD thesis “On the theory of magnetic domains” has been defended in 1974 under supervision of V.G. Baryakhtar, Academic of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The doctoral thesis “Dynamical and Topological Solitons in Magnets” has been defended in 1983

Teaching background

Prof. Ivanov delivers lectures on Theoretical mechanics, Solid state physics, Selected parts of theoretical physics, Physics of magnetism for students of the Taras Shevchenko National University in Kiev.

Prof. Ivanov is a supervisor of 17 PhD dissertations and five of his former students are doctors of science.

Scientific research fields – solitons in condensed matter, non-one dimensional solitons, theory of magnetic domain structures, magnetic relaxation, macroscopic quantum effects, magnetic nanoparticles.

The main scientific achievements:

  • For the first time it was proposed the equations of the sigma-model for description of non-linear dynamics of ferromagnetism; a considerable number of experiments on motion of domain walls in various magnetic materials, in particular in ortho-ferrites, was described on the basis of the model;
  • It was developed non-equilibrium thermodynamics of soliton gas in one-dimensional magnetic systems similar to exactly integrated systems; it was demonstrated that in exactly integrated systems relaxation is absent, however, anomalous (non-Einstein) diffusion appears;
  • It was found various stable static and dynamic two-dimensional localized magnetic solitons; the soliton contribution to thermodynamic properties of magnets was researched;
  • It was derived a non-Newton equation for description of dynamics of magnetic vortices; it was predicted existence of an anomalously low frequency and a duplet structure for the magnon spectrum of magnetic particles in the vortex state, which were later observed experimentally;
  • It was predicted effects of macroscopic quantum tunneling, specifically tunneling changing of the topological charge for one and two-dimensional solitons (kinks and vortices).


It was published 5 monographs, 9 reviews and more than 280 papers in referred scientific journals.

Selected monographs and review articles

  1. B. A. Ivanov, Mesoscopic antiferromagnets: statics, dynamics, quantum tunneling, Low Temp. Phys. 31, 8/9, 635-667 (2005). Also in October 24, 2005 issue of Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology
  2. V.G.Bar’yakhtar,M.V.Chetkin,B.A.Ivanov and S.N.Gadetskii. Dynamics of topological magnetic solitons.Experiment and theory. Sprіnger Tracts іn Modern Physіcs., V.129, 185pp., Sprіnger-Verlag, 1994.
  3. V.G. Bar’yakhtar and B.A. Ivanov, Soliton thermodynamics of low-dimensional magnets, Sov. Sci. Rev. Sec. A. – Phys., ed. by I. Khalatnikov, Vol. 16, 192 pp, Elsevier, Amsterdam (1992).
  4. A.M. Kosevich, B.A. Ivanov and A.S. Kovalev, Magnetic solitons, Phys. Reports 194, 117-238 (1990).
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  7. V.G.Bar’yakhtar,B.A.Ivanov and M.V.Chetkin. Nonlinear dynamics of domain walls in weak ferromagnets. Sov.Phys.-Uspekhi, 28, 563 (1985).
  8. A.M.Kosevich, B.A.Ivanov and A.S.Kovalev. Nonlinear magnetization waves. Dynamical and topological solitons. Kiev, Naukova Dumka, 1983, 189p. (in Russian).

Prof. Ivanov is a member of the Board of Experts “Condensed matter physics” at the Supreme Attestation Commission of Ukraine, a member of the editorial board of Encyclopedia “Solid State Physics”, Kiev: Naukova Dumka, 1996-1998, a referee of the many of physical journals recognized over the world. Member of the advisory council of the Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, journal “Low Temperature Physics”. Life-time honorary degree “Distinguished Referee” in American Physical Society (from 2015).

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Prof. Ivanov was awarded the A.S. Davydov prize of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 2005 for a series of works Vortex dynamics of magnets (shared with A.S.Kovalev and D.D.Sheka). Awardee of the National award of Ukraine in science and technology (2013) for the work “Solitons in condensed matter physics” (in co-authorship).